Prepare Your House To Receive A Dog

The excitement over the arrival of the new member should not make you forget everything you need. It will be the first time you move away from the only known environment, so you do not feel overwhelmed, during the days before your arrival makes sure you have all the necessary purchases made. Having a house ready to receive a dog, means that it does not find anything that is dangerous, harmful or that may adversely affect your health. Examine your home and make a list of the changes you must carry out.

In the houses, there are all kinds of potentially toxic products that must be out of reach. Keep everything you want that does not bite, take special care in electrical cables and small pieces that can choke. If you have a pool, you should cover it. Protecting stairs and balconies is convenient. If you buy a fence for ladders like those used with small children, you will be calmer. A wall can also help protect your furniture. Close the doors of the rooms you do not want to enter.

Life at home: toilet and toys

For dogs, especially puppies, the moment of grooming reminds them of when they were with their mother. It is, therefore, an experience that goes beyond cleaning and grooming. Among the list of utensils that you will need are a comb or brush, dog shampoo, anti-flea products, a pair of nail scissors and an ear cleaner. It is necessary to have a unique brush depending on the characteristics of the hair type of the dog.Before making the purchases, consult your canine veterinarian or hairdresser to advise you better. Plan daily grooming sessions, not only for beauty but the good health of the coat, as it helps to promote blood circulation

One of the best methods to establish links with your dog will be through the game. In this way, it will be easier to create emotional bonds and teach behaviors. In the specialized stores, there is a vast variety of toys for your purchases. On your list, you should not miss rings, balls, teethers and flying discs. All of them are designed to make the game and training sessions more fun for both.

It Is Essential To Spend Time With The Dog: It Is Not Just Another Piece Of Furniture In The House

You have to keep in mind when it comes to shopping that when your dog starts to change the teeth, it will become a compulsive biter, to avoid ruining the furniture, clothes, and everything that is within reach, you must buy a toy to bite. Try not to be painted, because the paint can be toxic, it must be very resistant, durable and not too hard if you have a puppy. Never leave your dog with any object that can be traversed in his throat, break in his mouth or electrocute.

 Ride and transport

The dog will not be able to leave the house until all the vaccinations have been given. Take advantage of that time at home to get used to wearing a collar and leash. This way, you will not have so many problems when you start going out for a walk. There is a long list of straps and collars of different materials. You must choose adjustable nylon or soft leather collar. The buckle should be adjusted so that a pair of fingers comfortably fit between the collar and the dog’s neck. If it is a small breed dog, you can use a harness to protect the neck better. A strap Extensible will be the best choice for the first months since you need the freedom to explore the world.